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With more the 540 employees across our 22 locations in Mexico, we are able to provide products, services and solutions to the most important Industrial Market in the country. 2 Distribution centers (Mexico City and Monterrey) and 6 regional warehouses, enable us to offer 18,000 products.





To identify and satisfy customer needs providing added value services, technical & application support, high quality products in automation and electrical equipment as well as control and connected enterprise products.



Risoul has successfully completed Tcertification, a globally recognized diligence review based on internationally accepted best practices and administered by Ethixbase360. The certification underscores our commitment to transparency in all business transactions.

Trace Risoul

Member since
August 2010


NAED Risoul

Member of the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) since 2003

(International association of electrical equipment suppliers)

Asociación AD Together, we win.

Member of Affiliated Distributors since 2014
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We offer you

With over 40 years of experience in the Mexican market, our philosophy is to offer value-added service for our customers. Not only are we committed to high quality products and solutions, but our dedicated staff are what sets us apart from other organizations in the industrial market.