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Why choose Win 911?

Win 911 Industries develops alarm software that provides real-time notifications for plants, facilities and remote activities. Alerts are coordinated with an efficient system that determines optimal delivery and guarantees proper functioning.

Many customers in the oil and gas industry have used WIN-911 for alarm notifications for their pipes, remote pump stations and production facilities. The alerts can be delivered and managed from smartphones, voice calls, SMS, e-mail and other devices.

WIN-911 offers thousands of personalized alerts for the oil and gas industry. The WIN-911 software analyzes distinct types of alarms and transmits information in a simple, easy-to-understand formats, which leads to fast response times and helps reduce time investigating the source of the alarm.

WIN-911 provides alarms for machinery and other key data through a wide range of systems. With WIN-911, operators can focus on other tasks while the system performs follow-up and monitoring.


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