Productos Southwire


Looking for advice, information or pricing on Southwire products?

We are a proud Southwire distributor, a brand recognized internationally for high quality products and solutions.

We have more than 22 sales locations in Mexico and a main office in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.

Productos Southwire

Southwire is a leading manufacturer of electrical wire, cable and cord in North America. Industries served include residential, commercial, industrial utility, mining, and special applications for submersible pumps.

This company is a leader in the industry with innovative products that simplify installation, saving time and money. Southwire has the solution you need for wires and cables for any commercial, residential or industrial application. If Southwire doesn’t have it, they can make it.

At Risoul, we offer automation, electrical equipment, and industrial network solutions for the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Petroleum
  • Food
  • Consumer
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing


Why choose Southwire?

There are many companies offering many solutions in residential cabling. At Risoul, we have more than 40 years of experience in the electric market and we have had the opportunity to get to know many of them. Based on our extensive knowledge and experience, we are proud to serve as a Southwire distributor.

At Southwire we have found a manufacturer who delivers power to millions of people all over the world. One in three new homes built in the US has Southwire wire and cable installed.

Productos Southwire

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